Cubicle Curtain Track

Since we have our own product development, installation, project and service departments, we are capable of handling nearly every requirement concerning curtain rails. We supply total solutions where required and gladly accept your challenging custom order. You'll find our G-RAIL® products in hospitals, health care facilities, ships,hotels, luxury homes and in office locations.

Our wide variety of rail profiles can be used for lace curtains, light curtains, heavier lined curtains and light-opaque fabrics. The elegant rail systems can be easily bent and fit into any interior requiring a stylish finish.

Our systems can be custom made for an entire room from a single piece of curtain rail, including bends. With this, we resolve the disadvantage of separate bends and malfunctioning rail connections. The combination of high-quality skids and continuous aluminum profile ensures that your curtains always open and close smoothly and silently

Telescopic I V Bag Holder

Description :V Track IV Track Accessories :Window Tech

(V track) offers complete line of track mounted IV bags holders with 5-bag pendants.Plus, the multi-bag pendants telescope for convenient IV placement. Use with Ultra Cube track. The holders suspend from an Eze-Lock IV Carriage, and are made from stainless steel with folding arms for easy sterilization and storage.”


With just a flick of the wrist and half a turn, this enhanced IV Carriage locks in place. Plus, it helps maintain patient comfort by not disturbing needles or tubes.